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Persida is a clinical data driven software company established in 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia. 
Persida provides production grade software development services predominantly for the health care industry. Products developed by Persida include database applications for organizing patient data such as electronic medical record systems, information management systems, patient feedback - rapport systems, automated clinical reporting systems, and more. In today's data driven world, our main mission is making the lives of doctors and patients easier.



Join us and help make a difference in healthcare

Situated in the heart of Belgrade, Persida is comprised of a highly motivated team of domain specialists and software developers. In Persdia you will find a productive work environment and friendly atmosphere, encouraging our teammates to actively collaborate and exchange ideas.  We offer job security, steady advancement, amenities such as free lunch, soda, coffee, tea and snacks, company wide sports activities and gym memberships. Most importantly we offer the satisfying feeling that your work helps save lives.


June 1, 2020

Employment Type:

Full Time

What you will be doing:

  • Specify and implement software requirements

  • Develop data driven web applications with RDBMs and no-SQL databases in a distributed and cloud based environment

  • Develop data processing pipelines in distributed and cloud based environments 

  • Develop application APIs

  • Code coverage, unit, integration and E2E testing

  • Deployment onto various development environments

  • Maintenance and bug fixes

  • Prepare technical documentation

  • Coach junior team members


June 1, 2020

Employment Type:

Full Time

What you will be doing:

  • Backend applications development and maintenance 

  • Writing APIs, Services and Microservices

  • Project planning and software requirements definition 

  • Code coverage, Unit testing and end-to end testing in

  • Product deployment onto test env

  • Ability to mentor and lead junior developers


June 1, 2020

Employment Type:

Full Time

What you will be doing: 

  • Extensive work with relational RDBMSs and query optimization

  • Data storage and organization using AWS services (S3, Glue, Lambda, EMR, Redshift)

  • Compile data analytic reports

  • Develop plans and schedules for carrying out database backup & restore, clustering, scaling, and optimization

  • Develop, test, implement and maintain automated ETL operations

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