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What are the benefits?

  • Scale up on your software development capabilities with our on-demand program

  • Save time on team integration with low onboarding curve

  • Work round the clock, even on weekends

  •  Three developers for the price of one - save up to 3x on each developer

  • Deliver your products/services on-time


What kind of software?

  • Custom telemedicine applications 

  • Custom clinical diagnostic tools 

  • Information management systems, such as custom LIMS development;

  • Medical/Clinical data processing and automation pipelines

  • Reporting and EMR applications

  • QA, automated software testing and user acceptance testing


What do you mean?

  • Custom analysis of your medical/clinical data using AI and ML methods

  • Development of diagnostic decision support systems

  • Medical Image processing and pattern recognition (X-ray, MRI, CT and WSI) 

  • Audio/video pattern recognition of human voice and face

  • Decyphering hand written prescriptions - text recognition

More technologies we work with..... 


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Upcoming Products

Do you have

critical COVID-19 patients on home therapy?

Should you be monitoring the efficacy of your prescribed medication

Are you looking for a quick and simple solution to keep track

of patient symptoms?

       Introducing the

Patient Rapport System

Login to your dashboard and start accessing:

  • Your daily appointments schedule

  • Condition and vital status of your patients

  • Track the ongoing therapies you've prescribed 

Go to the patients tab and:

  • List out all of your patients

  • View the status of their conditions

  • Be informed if you need to react quickly

Access the clinical overview of your patients to:

  • Record diagnosed conditions and symptoms

  • Grade symptoms according to their severity

  • Apply and prescribe medication or other therapies

Get your patients diagnosed and begin monitoring.

It takes only one visit to the doctor's office to get started. 

To begin monitoring, have your patients activate their accounts by logging in from their mobile devices  

Once accounts are active, patients are reminded when they need to take their medication or therapy

After patient has taken medication, symptom severity is updated with a smooth thumb slide 

Track patient progress daily and visualize:

  • Changes in symptom severity over time

  • Changes in dosing habits

  • Changes in overall condition

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